MINIS : 3-5 YRS : MONDAYS : 5:15-6:15PM  - £4 PER WEEK

​Our mini class students are bouncing with energy and creative imagination so our classes mimic that directly. Through stories and play we build their confidence weekly working on key themes from different storybooks and memorable television programmes. Our students start to learn basics of singing and dance through group work.
Although our mini class are the youngest of our student population we still encourage regular showings to parents to build their confidence in-front of an audience.

JUNIORS : 6-9YRS : THURSDAYS : 5:15-6:15PM - £4 PER WEEK

Our juniors are a level higher than the mini class thus meaning there is a higher level of expectation on developing performance skills. In equal amounts we teach acting, singing and dance through different mediums. Although we do have a higher expectation on this class there isn't any pressure on our students to do anything that they are uncomfortable with, we positively encourage their growth in all areas in a friendly environment. As with all our classes, students are in a safe and creative environment and are encouraged to support one and other throughout group and individual work.

SENIORS : 10+YRS : THURSDAYS : 6:30-8:30PM - £8 PER WEEK

As the oldest students in the school we are all about developing performers in this class whilst also building social, confidence and team-work skills. In this class we encourage all students to be a part of the creative process, not simply passively 'being directed'. We strive for our students to be the best they can be, improving on their individual strengths and working on the areas that they are lacking in. Our seniors will work on jazz, tap and musical theatre dance, group/solo/duo singing and script work/improv. As with all our classes there will be regular opportunities for performances.

NEATH : Stage 8 Studios, 5 Wind St, Neath

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